Club – Legacy “Thank you, Grandma”

“In the lives of each of us, of every happy person, there is a Granma. Grandma Olga, Mina, Rada … Grandma that cheered us in the important moments, pardoning every our mischief to our parents, and at night put us asleep in a gentle voice and warm look.

I can still feel the smell of her apple pies, the flavor of elder tree juice and mint tea. I feel scratching of the woolen scarf which she knitted for me, and which I wore around my neck until the late spring days. Because of all that thank you Grandma!”

In a quiet part of Belgrade, Voždovcu, there is a Club – Legacy “Thank you, Grandma“. Its very name can give you a clue that each piece of furniture, vibrant images, crackling fire in the fireplace, the sounds of old gramophones suggests comfort, emotion and nostalgia.

In an expensive space that can accommodate 65 quests, celebrate your important moments: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. They can be unforgettable.
Within the club, in addition to a hall for weddings and other celebrations, there is a children’s playroom, an ideal place where you can giveyour youngest a joyful birthday party. In the playground are disco, a training ground for competitive games, and playground for children. And while enjoying delicious bites of our catering, all activities of your children, you can monitor through closed circuit television.