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Party Service

For two decades, Party Service team is successfully engaged in providing catering services and organization of private and corporate receptions, cocktails, parties, weddings and graduation, in Belgrade and throughout Serbia. During this time, thanks to the hard work and excellent knowledge we managed to occupy leading positions in Belgrade when it comes to catering services.

Belgrade is a big and finickymarket when it comes to catering. Belgrade, as the capital with a high concentration of companies, diplomatic representations, often implies the organization of private, business and cultural events. The real challenge is to respond to the extravagant demands of our clients when it comes to catering and organization of the reception and also to be competitive in the market.

That is why we have taken things into our own hands and by building the facility with modern fitted kitchen and necessary facilities, respecting international standards, we have created the conditions for catering services and organization of celebrations to offer outside of Belgrade, on the whole territory of Serbia. It is the fact that we initially were focused on Belgrade in the organization of receptions and delivery of services catering, but the key factor in winning the Serbian market was when we realized that the quality, effort and knowledge play a key role, and that they must not be forbidden to anyone.

Catering services

We dared to offer you the best. We provide a complete service, regardless of the number of guests and the type of celebration. With our available capacities we are able to solve any problem, such as the organization of big business and private parties. We are here to provide you and your quests with everything and to make you feel pleasantly. From ambience decoration and creation of central fruit and icefigures to small delicious bites of our catering, we make works of art. We love what we do, because every job we do professionally with the intention to overcome your expectations.

Thanks to the good and dynamic team, Party Service has stood out as a unique company that offers catering services at the highest standards.Having entered the world of the film, we realized that we do not have role models, but that we keep pace with other companies worldwide.