Our goal is that our catering food, which exudes with true riches of colors and flavors, made with the help of skillful hands of our team, to be the right solution for you and your little ones.

Our offer within the catering food for children’s birthdays includes:

Mini sandwiches on baguette:

WithCheese and Pepper Salad, kulen and mini pickled gherkins;

With ham, Gouda cheese, and cherry tomatoes;

With the rose of dry roast-meat, spread, smoked cheese;

With beef prosciutto, spread, vegetables;

WithKarst pork neck, spread, vegetables.

(A tray contains 36 pieces of mixed sandwiches)


Cheese pie (1 kg)

Cheese and greenspie (1 kg)

Samosas little pies (triangles) stuffed:

With cheese (1 kg)

With chicken and vegetables (1 kg)

Side dish: tartar sauce


Stuffed with cheese (1 kg)

Stuffed with cocktail Krainer sausage (1kg)

Spring rolls

Stuffed with chicken and vegetables (1kg)

Princess donuts

Stuffed withCheese and Pepper Salad and kulen (1kg)

Salted rolls:

Salted roll with feta cheese puree, bacon, Gouda cheese and spinach (1kg)

Salted roll with cream cheese, ajvar, grilled pepper (1 kg)

Delicatessen plateau

Ham, beef, smoked cheese, Gouda cheese, the rose of dry roast-meat (Oval dish 500 g)

Cocktail food

Canapés with gorgonzola cream, fresh fruit and roasted almonds (Oval dish 100 pieces);

Canapés with Tuna pâté and leek (Oval dish 100 pieces);

Canapés with feta cheese puree, beef ham and minipickle gherkins (Oval dish 100 pieces);

Canapés with chicken liverpâté, pine nuts and cherry tomatoes (Oval dish 100 pieces);

Canapés with cheese and olive oilpâté, mini pickle gherkins and the rose of dry roast-meat(Oval dish 1000 pieces);

Canapés with black olive tapenade, dried tomato, anchovies stuffed with capers (Oval dish 1000 pieces);


Skewers with melon and Parma ham;

Skewers with brie cheese and fresh fruit;

Dips and mousses

Shrimps (cleaned tail) in cocktail sauce;

Bars of crunchy vegetables with “Tzatzaki” sauce;

Patte made from whole white cheese with pesto Genovese and crispy breadsticks;

Modeled proja

Proja (1 kg)

Proja with cheese and greens (1 kg)

Proja with humus (1 kg)

Rolled chicken stuffed with ham and cheese (1kg)

Breaded pork fillet wrapped in bacon stuffed with ham and cheese (1 kg)

Chicken with sesame (tartar sauce) (1 kg)

Mixed grille

Ćevapi (1 kg)

Chicken shashlik (1 kg)

Leskovac fritters (1 kg)

Barbecue sausage (1 kg)

Mixed salads

Russiansalad (1 kg)

Via Roma (pasta, ham, cheese, olives, mushrooms, dressing) (1 kg)

Parma (mortadella, eggs, picklegherkins, olives, dressing) (1 kg)

Beef (beef, picklegherkins, onion, vinaigrette) (1 kg)

Chicken (chicken, vegetables, dressing) (1 kg)

Grenny Smith (chicken, eggs, olives, onions, sardines, pickle gherkins, vinaigrette) (1 kg)

Mimosa salad (1 kg)

Fresh salads

Greecesalad (1 kg)

Hiper (cabbage, carrot, celery, horseradish, sour cream) (1 kg)

Vitamin (mixed grated fresh vegetables) (1 kg)

Garden (mixed seasonal vegetables – fresh) (1 kg)

Fasting menu

Mini sandwiches on baguette with

Tuna, olives and fresh vegetables

Olives and anchovy tapenade

Smoked salmon and Norwegian dressing

Smoked trout pâté

A tray contains 36 pieces of mixed sandwiches.

Fasting pie

Haj Nehaj (mussels, red beans, celery, vinaigrette) (1 kg)

Seafood salads(1 kg)

Tuna salad (1 kg)

Squid salad (1 kg)